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People who achieve long term sobriety:
make a firm commitment to abstinence;
make lifestyle changes to  enhance that commitment;
plan and practice for urges and drinking situations.

Drinking is kind of like a love affair that you know you should end, but you keep going back for a little more....So perhaps it's time to say goodbye for good. No more last flings, not even just being friends....just a clean break, a firm goodbye, and no looking back....(more)...

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150 Things To Do Instead of Drinking!
About Abstinence
Abstinence vs Moderation
Alcohol and You
Benefits of sobriety!
Building Frustration Tolerance
Can you stop drinking even if you don't really want to?
CBA: the cost-benefit analysis
Conversations with a heavy drinker
Creative Visualization
Dealing with Frustration
Dealing with life sober
Definitions of alcoholism
I desperately need to be ok
Don't Loathe Yourself!
Easy vs difficult
Emotional Wellness
Emotions and Demands
Exercise your brain
Family Systems
Forward Steps to Recovery
Getting past the cravings
Goals In Recovery
Happy holidays?
Healthy Happy Living
Horse and Rider: retraining your brain!
How it Works
If I buy this, what is likely to happen?
150 Things To Do Instead of Drinking!
Increasing Motivation
Interpersonal effectiveness: a DBT concept
Interview with Albert Ellis
Irrationality defined
Isabel's Story
Is wine healthy?
Key REBT Principles
Low Frustration Tolerance
Making REBT work for you
Make Your Face Smile!
Meet SARA!
Myths and Beliefs About Substance Abuse
New Year Resolutions
Nutrition in recovery
Obstacles to sobriety
Overcoming the rating game
Panic and phobias: part 1
Panic and phobias: part 2
Quick start to quitting
Recognizing and resisting urges
What recovery groups have in common
Refusing the first drink
Relapse conversation
Relaxation exercises
Risk perception and behavior
Secondary upsets: a conversation
Self-acceptance tips
Self Worth
She Let Go
Smoking, motivation, and drinking
So you've had a lapse
Stages of Change
Statistics: AA efficacy rates
Staying Stopped
Stop Look Listen
Stop Thought! A simple behavior trick
This Day
Top 10 Ways I've Changed
Tunnel vision
VACI: achieving balance
Vocabulary Exchange
What does sobriety look like?
What do you mean you just quit?
Who Controls You?
Will you yield?
You CAN change
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